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Nonprofit Selection Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Band Together select a Nonprofit Partner?
  1. Attend the Q&A session (Not required, but is highly encouraged).
  2. Please submit one electronic copy via email to Hannah@bandtogethernc.org to include the LOI questions and supporting documentation in the order listed on the LOI instruction  sheet saved as one (1) PDF document, not 4 separate documents by the deadline.  A Selection Committee of Band Together board members, nonprofit representatives, sponsors, and key event personnel review all submitted Letters of Intent and invite up to ten (10) nonprofit organizations to submit a full application.
  3. The Selection Committee discusses all applications and will select up to three (3) finalists. The finalists will be asked to set up 2 site visits for the Selection Committee.  They will also be asked to make a live presentation to the Band Together Board, Board of Advisors, and key volunteer leadership.
  4. After the live presentations, the Board will vote to select the 2021 nonprofit partner.
What criteria is used to select the Nonprofit Partner?

Band Together is a capacity building organization that selects partners based on criteria that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recognition as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS
  • Triangle-based with funds being used within the Triangle.
  • Successful fundraising history from a variety of sources
  • A clear mission that positively resonates with the Band Together Board, prospective sponsors and the community
  • Support from the nonprofit organization’s Board of Directors and major funders
  • The way the nonprofit will leverage the event proceeds to achieve a significant growth milestone
  • The organization’s ability to sustain the level of post-event growth in future years
  • Commitment to be involved in all aspects of the partnership, including, but not limited to fundraising, marketing, and volunteering
  • The ratio of nonprofit’s funding that goes to programming (versus administrative costs)
Do we allow a group of Nonprofits to apply as a team?

No. In past years, Band Together would allow a team of nonprofit organizations to join forces and apply to be our partner; however, the Board has changed this based on the strategic initiatives of the organization.  

Who should NOT apply?
  • Political parties or causes/groups that are politically active
  • Organizations whose primary purpose is proselytizing
  • Organizations whose primary focus is drug and alcohol addiction
  • Animal related
  • Environment related
  • Nonprofits that do not have a strong presence in the Triangle
  • Lobbying or cause advocacy groups
  • Organizations that have been a Band Together partner within the past five (5) years of 2021
  • Pass-through organizations that plan on retaining a portion of the funds raised (Pass-through organizations are allowed to apply, as long as 100% of the dollars raised will go to their cause.)
Timeline for applying?

Applying is a three-part process:

  1. Submit a Letter of Intent via email to hannah@bandtogethernc.org by the deadline.  Refer to the Letter of Intent instructions. 
  2. From the submitted Letters of Intent, up to ten (10) nonprofits will be sent the full application process and invited to apply. 
  3. After evaluating the full application, up to three (3) nonprofits will be selected as finalists.  They will provide 2 site visits and make a presentation to the Band Together Board, Advisors, and key volunteer leadership.
What is the typical event date?

The event usually takes place on a Saturday in May or June

How can we learn more about Band Together to see if we are a good fit?
  • Check out www.bandtogethernc.org
  • Attend the Nonprofit Prospect Q&A Meeting.
  • Attend or volunteer for our events (volunteering gives you exposure to the organization and offers you a chance to better understand what it takes to be a successful partner). We cannot commit that this will result in a higher chance for being selected. 
  • Join our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BandTogether follow us on Twitter at @bandtogethernc and join our LinkedIn group.
What will be required of the selected Nonprofit’s board, development staff, and volunteers?

Involvement is one of the key criteria the Band Together Board considers as a part of our decision.  It is crucial to the success of the event for the nonprofit to engage their board, staff, and volunteers.  Please refer to the Band Together Proven Process document that outlines the onboarding process and engagement points.

What is the estimated time commitment from the Nonprofit’s board, staff, and volunteers?

As with any partnership, planning takes place all year.  It is highly recommended the nonprofit partner designate a qualified staff member (development director/coordinator) to work hand-in-hand with the Band Together staff during the partnership.  Board members will be asked to fundraise and volunteers will be encouraged to join the Main Event Steering Committee which has monthly meetings in January leading up to the event.

How will a Nonprofit’s development efforts be affected by its participation with Band Together?

Band Together partnership is not for every nonprofit. But for those who have established development programs, this event offers an opportunity to increase your exposure, try new fundraising techniques, involve your board in fundraising efforts, raise NEW dollars from NEW donors, and thank your donors for the support they have given you throughout the years.  Band Together does not raise money FOR a nonprofit, but works in partnership WITH the already established agency to provide a vehicle that will increase development efforts substantially. 

Does the Nonprofit have to sign a letter of agreement with Band Together?

Yes.  The nonprofit partner that is selected will need to sign a letter of agreement with Band Together upon selection. 

How do Band Together and the Nonprofit split the revenue?

After all expenses are paid out for the year, Band Together will receive 15% of the net revenue or $200,000, whichever amount is greater.  The nonprofit will receive 85% of the net revenue.  Net revenue means an amount equal to the product of Main Event revenue (inclusive of the donated funds received by the nonprofit or Band Together for the Main Event) minus any event and partnership related expenses.

How is publicity handled?

Band Together works closely with all of our communications partners, for the event.  Band Together will prominently promote the nonprofit on its website/social media, to volunteers, media and sponsors as well as on all marketing materials. Likewise, the nonprofit will be expected to use its website, mailing and email lists, and any other resources available to promote the event.  Band Together relies on our media partners as well as the nonprofit’s partners during the year for exposure and community awareness.

If I have further questions, who should I contact?

We are glad to help in any way we can.  Please review our website in detail as well as the LOI to see if your questions can be answered there.  You can also email Hannah Parker at Hannah@BandTogetherNC.org.

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