Our commitment to strengthening the Triangle community

Like so many of you, we have struggled to find the words. We have watched, we have listened, we have learned and will continue to do so. One thing is apparent; change has to happen now. 

When we band together, we are strongest. We are committed to strengthening The Triangle community and lifting up its members. Discrimination, racism, violence, and marginalization are unacceptable.

We are building a stronger foundation for a more equitable future through:

  • Corporate and community partnerships – Continue partnerships to ensure community members experiencing inequality are being connected to the organizations and resources they need.
  • Staff training – Engage to better understand racial and economic inequality in our community, as well as acquire tools for promoting the voices and work of people of color.
  •  Fundamental principles – establish a committee to promote equality, diversity, and education for members of our organization.

Here are ways you can join us:

  • Be open. Listen. Learn. Partner.
  • Donate. Follow. Support.

With open hearts and minds, we love you, Triangle!

Resources to promote anti-racism:


Racial Equity Resource Guide (Southern Anti-Racism Network, Durham NC)

Racial Justice Resources (Ekklesia Raleigh)

Take Action:

Demand Change for NC