While all our Band Together volunteers are rock stars in their own ways, Joy Ingallinera, who leads the planning for most of our socials and after-work events, takes it to a whole new level.  If you want someone to be in charge of the fun, you’d better get someone with the right credentials. Part music lover, part cheerleader and full-time energetic Band Together faithful, we’re lucky to have her leading the fun. After more than three years in our ranks, we asked her to share more about herself and her BT ties.

https://secureservercdn.net/ long have you been a BT volunteer?

My first volunteer gig with Band Together was setting up Koka Booth Amphitheatre the year that Chatham County Line, Old Crow Medicine Show and The B52’s played. What was that? 3 years ago?

How did you hear about BT?

I teach at Lacy Elementary and had Danny and Niccole Rosin’s daughter in my kindergarten math class. I kept running into Danny at several music events and we became friends.  That year, Michael Franti and Spearhead played for the main event in front of Lincoln Theatre. Being a huge Franti fan, I went with some girlfriends and we danced in the rain all night.  The event had such a positive vibe, was a fun time and so well organized. When I learned more about the BT mission, I thought, “This is a cause I can get into and a group of people that I would like to be affiliated with”.  It was a time in my life that I was looking for an avenue to give back to the community and get involved with the Raleigh music scene, so Band Together was a natural choice!

What jobs have you had as a volunteer?

I have volunteered to help set up two main events, served as a volunteer for both Last Band Standing and The Big Cahoot and have helped to start the annual “Hopescotch” day party with Deep South for Raleigh’s Hopscotch Festival.

How would you describe your current role?

I consider myself a “Raleigh music and Band Together booster.”  I love supporting the local music scene and Band Together. I have witnessed, first hand, the positive change that the marriage of Band Together and good music can make in our community and I want to continue to be a part in this change. I have students whose families have graduated from the StepUp Ministry program, I have toured the Tammy Lynn Center and have seen the difference it makes for the families of their residents, I have seen the impact that Communities In Schools has and love how our current partner, Kidznotes, is empowering Title 1 elementary students through classical music.  There are so many people in the Triangle music community who are doing great things for others. It is ALL worth celebrating and being a part of!

What are you most excited about this ’15-’16 season?

I am so thrilled about our partnership with Kidznotes and the fantastic work that they are accomplishing in our public schools.  I am also excited about the current leadership of Band Together and the enthusiasm they have for the upcoming year.  It will be interesting to see who our next partner will be, which band will win Last Band Standing, and who will be the headliner at our main event next spring.

Share one funny thing that’s happened to you with BT…​

I’m not sure this qualifies as funny, however, I recently volunteered to partner with Jack the Radio to help with their album release party at the Lincoln Theatre. When I volunteered, I didn’t realize that it would be on my anniversary, so my husband and I ended up having a good time celebrating our day with great music and good friends.