WIll BowenWill Bowen joined the Band Together board of directors in 2014, but he’s not new to Band Together – or to community involvement. He serves not only on our board, but has served five years on the board of directors for StepUp Ministry, our 2015 nonprofit partner. He’s also a Raleigh native, with family ties stretching back three generation to the City of Oaks. And we asked him to share more about his involvement with Band Together and StepUp, as well as his life beyond our two organizations.

What do you do professionally, and is there a connection to your board work?

I have worked for the past nine years in the Medical Device space and currently work as a Regional Sales Manager for Medtronic – which supports both Band Together and StepUp through grants and gift matches. My experience in sales throughout my career and my local contact base has helped in raising money for these two very worthy entities and ultimately the people that they serve.

How did you come to be involved with Band Together?

My Board involvement with Band Together started in 2014 and I serve on the Program and Fundraising Committees. While my direct involvement with Band Together is in its infancy compared to some of the founders like Danny Rosin, Tom Lyon and Phil Gruber, I have been watching this great organization flourish for some time. The enthusiasm that Executive Director Matt Strickland brings is contagious and, coupled with the vision of Board Chair Lee Whitman, the organization is growing its impact in the community and I am having a blast serving with such a great group of people. In 2013, I also was part of the StepUp team that made the pitch to Band Together, so I have now seen it from both sides. I was very impressed with the process they had when choosing a partner and feel fortunate that I can now take part in those decisions as well.

How long have you been involved with StepUp and what roles have you had?

My involvement with StepUp goes back about six years. I was introduced to StepUp through my cousin who at the time was volunteering as a co-partner working with participants in a program called Life Skills. When I learned how the organization served the at-risk population in Raleigh, helped them through compassionate accountability and training to create stability in their lives, I was hooked and signed up as a Co-Partner to help and mentor participants. I then had the great fortune to meet and get to know Steve Swayne, now CEO of StepUp North Carolina and Linda Nunnallee, StepUp Raleigh Executive Director. They are phenomenal leaders and asked me to serve on the Board.  I have been active on the Board now for five years and have various roles including serving on the Finance Committee and Development Committees.

What other causes are especially meaningful to you?

My time between StepUp and Band Together is most important as we are working to hit a new goal of raising $2 Million this year, so extra time to dedicate to other causes is limited. My passions are in helping those in need right here in Raleigh. I know there are a lot of great causes in the world, but I love Raleigh and there is a lot of good work that can be done right here at home, which is another reason why I have connected with both Band Together and StepUp.  I do have a passion for the Raleigh Rescue Mission as well as the American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association as I saw what Diabetes and Heart Disease can do to those you love.

What Band Together events have you attended, and do you have any memorable moments to share?

I have attended many Band Together events but I think my favorite is always the Big Cahoot. Yarn is one of my favorite bands right now and the smaller venue with the up close and personal feel is a blast. There are so many good stories that come from all the BT events so it is hard to choose, but one that never gets old is watching Reid Tracy dance at the events. Good times.

How do you view your role as a board member with Band Together, and what opportunities do you envision going forward?

My role with Band Together will continue to evolve as the needs of the organization change. I am ready to serve in any capacity that allows Band Together to grow and deliver “Game Changing” resources to flourishing area non-profit partners. With the Main Event only seven weeks away, there is much work to be done.

In addition to his work with Medtronic, Band Together and StepUp Ministry, Will is the father of two energetic boys, Cross (9) and Thomas (6) and devoted husband to his wife of 11 years, Joy. He enjoys music, traveling, golf, hunting and going to NCSU Football and Basketball games with friends… and he’s always up for a beer and a conversation about entrepreneurial ideas as well.