Last Band Standing-04-On March 1st, Band Together’s annual Last Band Standing was held at Lincoln Theater.  The competition was tough, but at the end of the night, southern indie rockers, Jack the Radio, came out on top and earned the opportunity to open at our Main Event coming up on May 3.  With less than two weeks to go, Band Together would like to (re)introduce you to the guys and their music.

Jack the Radio started with two roommates at NC State University.  A. C. Hill and George Hage came together in 2005, writing songs while jamming away on their guitars in their dorm room, and recorded their first album, a self-titled 5 track recording.

In 2009, Hill and Hage took on a few new members, adding drummer, Brent Francese and multi-instrumentalist, Danny Johnson.  After some years, growing together as a band, and perfecting their sound, the group launched their first full-length release in 2011, called Pretty Money.  And what they developed was a soulful, southern rock sound some of which has been featured in the Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

In 2012, the band returned to the studio to record Lowcountry, solidifying their following and granting them regular appearances at various clubs and festivals throughout the North and Southeast.

In 2013, Jack the Radio performed to a sold out crowd at the Amplified Art gallery. Crowdfunding allowed for a documenting of the evening which is available on DVD.   Also resulting from this night was the third Jack the Radio release, Devil in Here.

Not usually one for “battles of the bands,” Hage told North Raleigh News, “This event raised money for kids – that drew us in and made us really want to play the event.”

And if you come out May 3, you’ll be glad they did!